A dinner and dance was held on 9th December 1966 at the Veglio’s Motel, Maidstone. It was a five course dinner with a speaker afterwards – Mr Leonard Pearce – who later went onto a top job with the Kennel Club.

On the 15th May 1967, the club had increased members to require two nights at the church hall and to use room next door in the indoor cricket hall. Club nights where then Monday and Thursday.

In 1969 the club entered a float in the Chatham carnival.

The first of many road safety tests took place in September 1969. This involved a police officer, road safety instructor and a judge from the club. The tests were carried out on the roads with a written Highway code test. Two levels were tested – ordinary and advanced. All dogs had to pass their ordinary level before taking the advanced.

The club moved to the Casino Rooms, Rochester in December 1969. It had the hall from 7.00-10.00pm every Thursday evening. So the Ringcraft class had the centre of the hall all night. Rent was 30/- per hour.