The club’s first talk in took place in January 1970. Again these were held on a regular basis.

Unfortunately the Casino rooms, Rochester were opened by the Council on a four year lease, they were then building a new leisure centre in Chatham and the dogs were not invited, so therefore the club was on the move again, this time March 1972 to R.A.F.A. Hall, Dock Road, Chatham. The cost was £4 per hour and a much smaller hall.

The club moved again to a much bigger hall at the end of 1973. This was the Aurora Hotel, Brompton Road, Gillingham. The rent increased in September 1975 to £7.56 per evening.

Between September and December 1976 we hired the hall on Sundays to run our own instructors course. 18 members took part with an exam on the last Sunday, with outside trainers setting the test. 16 out of 18 members passed.

During 1976 the club entered a dog club league, which involved home and away matches with other clubs. It was decided the next year not to enter due to it being a financial drain on the club funds, as on match nights no other classes could train, so therefore, there was no money coming in on those nights. It also put a lot of pressure on those people in the team to travel quite a distance to the other clubs on another evening in the week.

In 1980 the club entered a team into a smaller league which again involved home and away matches but with more local clubs, Medway Working Trials and Obedience Club, Gravesend Dog Training Club and Kent county Association. We won this league.