CHRISTMAS has long gone; our party as usual was a great night to have fun with our dogs (No training) just enjoying games with other members and their dogs. Thank you Adrian for arranging the fabulous sausage & chips, they always go down well. Special thanks to the committee for giving up their time to put on the party, we can do it all again next year!

We have been very lucky to have had such a lot of promotional freebies, so a big thank you to Fish 4 Dogs and Burns who are kindly keeping us supplied with goodies for our handlers.

Unfortunately this has not been a good start to the year for our club; the arrival of the Coronavirus has left all the clubs no choice but to shut their doors. It’s important for everyone to stay safe, and we will resume classes as soon as we are allowed to. Until then you can keep up your training at home.

Most pet owners vaccinate their dogs to prevent them from diseases that can be fatal for your pet. Having said that, there seems to be a trend NOT to vaccinate as some dogs have adverse side effects, and some have died due to vaccination. Collies have to be very careful as they carry a gene that does not sit well with vaccination. Lots of handlers are choosing to go down the homeopathic route. It is entirely the owner’s choice there is no right or wrong way. If you choose to not vaccinate be aware that your insurance company will not pay out for treatment should your dog contract a disease that is covered by a vaccination.

Never leave your dog unattended at any time, even your garden could be a dangerous place. Dogs are stolen all the time for fighting, breeding, and in some cases blackmail.

Make sure the ball your dog plays with is not too small; it can get caught at the back of the throat.

Throwing sticks can be very dangerous as they can pierce the throat.

Never leave your dog unattended with a child, no matter how much you trust them.


Why it’s important to clean your dogs teeth. Once there is a layer of solid tartar on the teeth, only a thorough scale and polish under anaesthetic will get the teeth fully clean. I must add it’s very expensive to have done, and a lot of insurances don’t cover this unless it’s for medical reasons. Feeding raw beef or venison rib bones does give the teeth a good workout, and remove a lot of tartar and plaque. If your dog tolerates raw bones, try giving these to him instead, be careful only to give marrow bones, or bones that don’t splinter. Daily brushing with pet toothpaste is recommended. Choose the more expensive enzyme-based types as these get into all the nooks and crannies that you can miss with a brush.


A good way to interact with your dog is through toys, which can be ordinary soft toys, tuggies, balls, or with wooden brick games, the dog has to work out how to get the treat, it takes a few goes before they catch on how to move the pieces. There are lots of different puzzles that you can buy to keep your dog amused. Why not swap with friends when your dog has worked out how to play that game.

If you are in lockdown with a puppy, you can download an app “Sounds Scary” to play to your puppy to get them used to noises outside which at the present time you are unable to do.


Another success for our quiz night, we had a great turn out of people all eager to help us raise money for the Dogs on the Streets. On the night we raised £300, and our club matched that to raise a staggering £600 well done everyone that attended to make this possible.

On 26th November, Barry our vice chairman handed over the Cheque to Michelle from Dogs on the Streets, you can find out about their amazing work by click here.

JULY 2019

Congratulations to everyone for passing The Kennel Club Silver Award.

From left to right: Tom with Astrid, Janice with Jackie, Sarah with Nala, Ann with Jade, Delia with Toffee



From left to right: ? with Loxey, Mags with Bailey, Roger with Rosie, Helen with Misty and ? with ?

SEPT 2019

Progress Award

On 16th September at the club on our 60th Anniversary, we were very pleased to award the progress shield to Roger and Rosie. Congratulations! They both have worked extremely hard (and it shows), putting in the practice at home as well to keep the training going, therefore they have had great results. So well deserved.

JC Award 2019

Congratulations to Josh and Honey who were awarded the JC Award for the most attendance to the club in 2019. Well done! It’s great to see that you are so eager to learn and help Honey be the perfect pooch.
Your next goal is the Bronze, which we will concentrate on when we return.


Is it really that long ago? Only a handful of people remember it from the beginning, but it proves we must be doing something right to conquer this milestone.

The classes went on as normal, so in between classes members were given a piece of cake, plus a bag with the clubs logo printed on it, a travelling water bottle, and a water bowl, as a memento of the celebrations. We would like to thank all the members that have supported us over the years to make this a very special day. Well done to all the volunteers that give up their time to be on the committee so the club can carry on. Here’s to the next 60 years, I don’t suppose many of us will be around then, but let’s hope it goes from strength to strength.


Our AGM was on 9th March 2020, Darren ran through everything we had achieved in 2019, and what we are about to do in 2020.

There was a change in officers on the committee. Sue Birstonas who has been secretary for the last 16yrs has stepped down; Thank you Sue for all your hard work and patience over the years, Sue will not be leaving the club Sue will remain on the desk.

Julia Kearney has stepped down from treasurer but is taking on the secretary post.

We welcomed Lynda Rose who will now be our treasurer, and one of our members has stepped forward to join us on the committee, so we would like to welcome Roger.

Progress shield 2020

This year’s Progress shield was awarded to Mark Spinks and Reggie, who have made the most progress in the year, well done to both of you, carry on the good work.


We are happy with all of our puppies; the dogs from puppy 2 have successfully passed their Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Course on March 16th. Well done to everyone and we look forward to seeing you all return to training when the club reopens. Val & Carol

Puppy Improver

Another productive year, I have had the pleasure of new puppies coming into my class who have done extremely well in the   puppy foundation course. Now they have moved up into puppy improvers, I hope to get them ready for their Bronze Kennel club test which we were just starting to train for. I have great hopes for my class to go on and achieve the Silver and Gold. It’s great to see the progress they make week by week, some carry on to do shows in obedience or agility.

I still need to stress the importance of good treats, why would your dog want to work when the treats are not a high enough reward, it’s like you going to work all week and your boss pays you in buttons, so think about what food you bring to classes, that way you will get the best from your dog. Well done to the puppies in my class at the moment, you are all doing really well, so keep up the 10 min practice each day at home, unfortunately due to the Coronavirus the club is shut so as soon as we return a new date will be set. I would like to say a big Thank you to Tom for his valued help in assisting me in my class. Delia


Whilst numbers have been down this year, the class generally is pretty good. The handlers say they are enjoying classes, which is the most important thing. We had started working towards Kennel club Bronze. Here’s looking forward to the date we restart. Barry


No Report!


A good start to the year in the class although the normal timings were disrupted due to the extra  Gold Good Citizens class. Well done to those from the class who took the God and were successful. Those that weren’t, only having minor things to work on ready for the next time. and I am sure the club will arrange another Gold test at some point soon. Before Covid 19 curtailed the class we were working on improvements to heel work, which was really showing some good results. I had intended to move on to focus on retrieving next, but I guess that can wait until we return. The class was slightly down on numbers, but hopefully when we do return and the nicer weather is here, the class will be back to full strength. Please use this time of lockdown to do some extra practice with your dogs. Vary your training and make sure that once they have mastered a basic exercise that you start to make it progressively more difficult. Hope to see you all very soon. Darren

Top Class

Training was going really well, unfortunately all the obedience dog shows, Agility, Fly ball have all been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. As these years’ shows are not going ahead, it gives us time to work on training, and most important on our footwork. If we can get that right our dogs can understand exactly where we want them to be. Bad footwork can send your dog off as does movements of your body. When we return we will have to step up on our training. Julia

Understanding your dog

Perhaps where most people get it wrong is in giving and receiving affection. It can’t be said often enough, most dogs do not enjoy being hugged and cuddled-this is not natural dog behaviour! They can learn to like it, and there are some dogs that do actively enjoy it- but it is probably also the number one cause of people getting bitten-or just dogs avoiding their owners touch. Watch your dog when you approach him and touch him- does he lean into you and enjoy your hands touching him-or does he lean away, move away, duck from your hands, or just look like he is putting g up with it? Far too many people force their affections on their dogs, rather than taking the time to learn what their dog actually enjoys.

Each breed was originally bred to do a specific job, and they need to do that work in order to be happy-that is what is self-rewarding for them and that is the type of behaviour they will resort to. Collies round things up, Terriers bark and dig, Hounds chase things, Labradors carry stuff around in their mouths all day…

There are dogs out there that are perfect for outdoors fitness freaks and dogs that are couch potatoes. You must give your dog the opportunities to do the things their brains tell them they need to do, every dog is different so take the time to think about what your dog was originally bred for, that way you can have the perfect relationship with your dog.