We are a friendly non profit-making club, which is run by volunteers.

We are based at the Chattenden Community Centre and we meet there every Monday night.

We have been training dogs for over 58 years and have a real passion for helping you and your dog begin your journey in training no matter how old they are.

We are affiliated to the Kennel Club and follow the Good Citizenship Award Scheme, where there are four levels of courses from Puppy Foundation, to Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards. You can find out more information about the scheme here.

All of our training training is done on a group basis, and we have several classes for you and your dog that should cover what you want to achieve together.

Hopefully after looking around our website you will find all the information you need to begin you and your dogs journey of knowledge and growth.

The Medway Dog Training Club Team.


Due to bad weather

Unfortunately due to bad weather training has been cancelled for this evening 12.12.22 Remember it is the party next week 19.12.22 at 7.30pm. If you haven’t already ordered sausage and chips or just chips, please let us know by email or phone before midday tomorrow 13.12.22 enquires@medwaydogtrainingclub.com or phone 0755763261

19th September 2022

As a mark of respect following the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the dog club will be closed on Monday 19th September.

25th July

We are training as normal this week and looking forward to seeing you all

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Our classes cover all stages of you and your dogs development from Puppy to Adult and anything in-between. We don’t believe in the old saying of you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, with the right support any dog and owner can develop a rewarding and pleasurable union. When you decide to join you will always start either in the Puppy Class or the Intake Class and progress up the scale as you and your dog become more confident.

Below is a brief outline of all the classes we offer if you want to find out more in depth detail then just click the button below.

Our Services

Puppy Class

This is the start of your journey together to learn and develop as one to get a well mannered and obedient dog.

We will aid you in teaching your puppy to walk to heel, respond to their name via recall, do a basic retrieve, do the three basic control positions of sit, stand and dow and finally how to perform a short stay. Our class has the added benefit of helping your puppy to become socialised with other dogs and groups of people.

Your puppy must be vaccinated and microchipped.

Intake Class

Our Intake class is designed for handlers who have dogs that are not eligible to join the puppy class and would like to begin training them properly.

Whatever your desired outcome is and what particular bad behaviour you would like to correct we will advise you in a talk a week before training begins.

The emphasis in this class is the use of positive training methods and covers all the basics like heelwork, stays and recalls etc..

This is also a great opportunity to socialise your dog with others in a friendly environment especially if particularly nervous.

Puppy Improver

This class builds upon what has been learnt in the Puppy classes and takes the training to the next level.

Again the emphasis is on treat reward along with verbal praise, to ensure the dog enjoys the training.

This class concentrates on developing the commands such as sit, down, heel etc. The retrieve is moved on from being a game to a more formal exercise.

The length of time the dog is in the Stay position is extended in the puppy improver class.

The dog is encouraged to be more focussed on the handler, which allows for better control.


The improver class takes what has been learnt in the puppy improver and intake classes to the next stage.

The instructor concentrates on extending the length of time the dogs are able to remain in the stay position for along with starting to reduce the handler's reliance on the lead.

The recalls and retrieves in this class are started to be done over short distances off of the lead.

When the dogs and handlers reach the required standard they are promoted to the intermediate class.


The Intermediate class aims to improve upon what you have already learnt and now introduces new and more difficult exercises.

Again, like the other classes, the emphasis is on reward and praise based training rather than corrective, compulsive methods.

When the dog and handlers reach the required standard, they are promoted into the top class.


This is the top class. Having worked your way through the classes, improving step by step, this is the class that you will eventually reach.

The class is aimed at the dog and handler teams looking to enter obedience competitions. These competitions require the dogs to be responsive and controlled and this is emphasised and taught in this class.

New exercises, such as send-away, scent and distance control are introduced. These new exercises allow the handler to mentally stimulate their dogs even more.
Our Classes in detail

Our Key History

The club was formed in March 1959. Meetings were held fortnightly in a garden in Strood, classes were 2/6d per dog.
The club moved to the Casino Rooms, Rochester in December 1969. It had the hall from 7.00-10.00pm every Thursday evening. So the Ringcraft class had the centre of the hall all night. Rent was 30/- per hour.
The club moved again to a much bigger hall at the end of 1973. This was the Aurora Hotel, Brompton Road, Gillingham. The rent increased in September 1975 to £7.56 per evening.
January 2006 saw the club on the move again to Chattenden Community Hall, Chattenden, still on Monday evenings, but two halls are available, allowing the puppies and more difficult dogs to be in the smaller hall and three classes being held in the larger hall.

For a full timeline of the clubs history please click here


60th Anniversary

Xmas Party 2019

Contact us

Address: Chattenden Community Centre, Swinton Ave, Chattenden, Rochester ME3 8PH
Phone: 07557 673261

If you are interested in joining us and need any more information about what we do and our classes, then please get in touch by phone or email

We’d love to hear from you and how we can help you begin your journey towards a rewarding partnership for you and your dog.

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