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The majority of exercises are carried out under supervision as a group rather than on a one to one basis.

The handlers and dogs have gained a good grounding in the other classes. This class aims to improve upon what they have learnt already as well as teaching them new and more difficult exercises.

For example: - The length of time a dog can stay in the sit or down positions is slowly increased to over a minute.

- The stand stay is also introduced in this class.

- We start to introduce heel off of the lead in this class.

- As much as possible the recall exercise is conducted off of the lead.

- We introduce the stop on recall exercise, which could assist the handler in an emergency situation.

- More control is introduced into the retrieve exercise including the wait, a straight present and the finish.

- Left and right turns are introduced in heelwork.

Again, like the other classes, the emphasis is on reward and praise based training rather than corrective, compulsive methods.

Dogs and handlers in this class should be able to pass the Kennel Club Silver Good Citizen test.

When the dog and handlers reach the required standard, they are promoted into the top class.

Intermediates at work...

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