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Intake Class

Dogs not eligible to go into the puppy class (i.e. they are over sixteen weeks old) are placed in our intake class. We would prefer that the dogs are six months or over. There is no upper age limit to dogs entering this class.

Before starting in this class the handlers are given an introductory talk. This is an opportunity to introduce the ideas that are going to be used without the dogs being present and for the handlers to discuss and get advice on any problems or issues they are having.

The following week the handlers bring their dogs along and the training begins!

The emphasis in this and all of our classes is the use of positive training methods.

This class focuses on the basics – heelwork, stays and recalls. In this class all of the exercises are carried out on lead.

During the class the instructor also starts to introduce the basics of the retrieve exercise.

Usually dogs and handlers spend 4 weeks in the first part of this class, before moving to the next stage where what has been learnt so far is polished and the handlers encouraged to reach the standard required for the intermediate class.

Intake Class at work...

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